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The Tinder Argentina & Colombia Social Network, has participated in the online dating phenomenon for 25 years.

When Tinder Argentina opened in 1989, they were the pioneers in online dating. The 60,000 + members are testimony to the popularity of this dating site.

The company is based in Miami, Florida. Miami has a large population of Latin and Caribbean people.

The Colombia Tinder dating site, has an inside track on the culture, and know what the populace want.

This company makes online dating a pleasant experience and an adventure.

You can join the dating site for free. The web page is user friendly. Filling out the application and profile, is a ten minute process.

Tinder Argentina does not allow any sexual explicit photos, of any type.

Only headshots and full length body shots are allowed. You want to upload as many photos as you can, for a better response.

People want to see the member that they are going to contact. There are a at least 50 or more pages filled with members that want to be contacted.

This is a personalized dating site, that has an Tinder Argentina & Colombia Membership section.

You will have access to the members phone number and email address, for a small fee.

You will be provided with a map of the city and the area, where the member lives.

There is no waiting, to hear the members voice, that you want to contact.

Most members speak Spanish or Portuguese, and some English. They have a live translation customer service feature, for a 3 way conversation.

The fees are clearly posted, for this transaction. There is a web based translation software that you can use.

The Tinder Argentina Network is global.

You can speak to people in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Italian, and many other languages. They want everyone to have that special someone in their life. Take your time, 50,000 relationships, have been recorded since the company started.

Tinder Argentina & Colombia Dating Social Network, is affiliated with many types of dating sites.

One of their affiliate partners is for vegetarian crowd. They encourage you to share the photos of the happy unions of wedding showers and weddings, and other happy occasions.

Educating the members on the do’s and don’ts of online dating, is featured in the Women’s Center.

The Smart Dating is Safe Dating section is very informative, and includes the Top 10 Tips of Safe Dating on Colombia Tinder.

Payment for services is 100% private with secure transactions. The major credit cards are accepted, along with money orders, checks, and Western Union.

If you have any questions or problems that need to be resolved, the customer service representatives, can be reached quickly.

The Tinder Argentina & Colombia Social Network is continues to update their site with new features.

You don’t have to be of latin descent to enjoy and meet new people. They do not discriminate, and help is available if there is a service that you understand.

Remember, when you have found your loved one, send in the pictures, so they can celebrate with you.